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Bordeaux Wine with a Pudding so Fine…

Yesterday, Wednesday 19th September, was the Bordeaux Wines Supper Club event, hosted by the fabulous Luiz Hara, aka The London Foodie. The objective of the evening was to pair affordable Bordeaux wines (from £5 to £20) with delicious Japanese grub – cooked by Luiz. Bordeaux with sushi? Not your typical pairing, but last night was all about innovation and experimentation. The lovely Christina Pickard, an American freelancer and wine specialist, kindly presented the event. But unlike your typical wine tasting, Christina left her speeches until the journalists had tried each wine, giving them an opportunity to form uninfluenced notes about the matchings – good or bad.

Guests sat in Luiz’s beautiful dining room surrounded by stunning wall art and cosy lighting. I assume that it was the combination of luxurious wines, a decadent menu, and Luiz’s charming home that encouraged such an impressive turn out. Approximately twenty journalists came to sip on Bordeaux and nibble on some shellfish, these included Sunday Brunch’s drinks presenter, Rebecca Seal, Lydia Slater from the Daily Mail, the Times and ES, and Hugh Thompson from Delicious magazine – to name but a few.

The evening was about emphasising what many don’t know about Bordeaux wines – basically, that not all are red and pricey, and in fact up until the 1970s Bordeaux primarily produced white wines. So the only red wine of the night was the Chateau Fonguillon (2009), a fruity number with notes of chocolate and liquorice. Other wines included the three whites, the Chateau Le Bernet Bellevue (2011), the Les Amants de Mont-Perat (2010), and from what I gathered, the overall favourite, Bordeaux’s Roquefortissime (2010). This wine’s rich, oaky flavour complemented Luiz’s grilled scallops wonderfully. The chosen roses of the evening were the Reserve de Sours Sparkling Rose NV and The Chateau Meaume (2011).  The Meaume’s strawberry pink colouring decorated the dinner table superbly for starter no.2! 

                                                                Ginestet Sauternes (2009)

But of course for me, the greatest part about any dinner party is, you guessed it, DESSERT! So paired with a Bordeaux sweet wine, the Ginestet Sauternes (2009), Luiz served his guests a plate of sinful chocolate and ice cream fit for the queen. Although the menu described it far more elegantly: ‘Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake with Whiskey Prunes, served with Quenelle of Green Tea Ice Cream’. In my opinion, the bees knees of desserts. Sipping the Sauternes with a spoonful of rich chocolate was so good that I can still taste it now. Although I’m not sure that the green tea ice cream matched so well with the wine, but it didn’t need to, both were delicious in their own right.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that the best Bordeaux of the night was the Roquefortissime white; Japanese is my new favourite food; and that I want to own Luiz’s house – mostly for his kitchen. A baker’s paradise! Best start saving.  

If you want to check out the recipe, find it here on The London Foodie website…


But feel free to comment on this post with your own versions of Luiz’s chocolate cake or delectable green tea ice cream.

                                                                Happy Baking!

                                                                     Maisie x

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